Welcome to Our Place!

A place for anyone who is dealing with, or thinks they may be dealing with, verbal, emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual or financial abuse.

Our cozy online home is a sanctuary for anyone who is being mistreated or abused, and doesn't know what to do about it.

No one deserves to be mistreated. If mistreatment is an ongoing pattern of words or actions that are cruel, violent, angry, raging, mean, contemptuous, critical, controlling, scornful, bullying, exploitative, covertly attacking, or subtly belittling, then it is abuse. These behaviors are not normal. Most people do not act this way!

Exposure to abuse can be very damaging over time. Cruelty does severe harm to the person targeted. It makes life miserable for those who witness it. It creates a harmful model for children. It does not matter, that the abuser "doesn't mean it," or seems unaware of the impact of their words and actions on others, blames you or acts like it was a joke. What matters is that they do it, over and over again, and that is what does the damage.

Our Place was created by and for people who are dealing with abusive behavior and its consequences. Here you will find information, validation, support, comfort, resources, and practical advice. There is also a wonderful community of friends here at the Our Place Forum. Wander around, settle in, find a comfortable spot, and join us for a little while. It's a safe place to be who you are.

Welcome to Our Place!
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Our Mission Statement.

This website is dedicated to serving men and women who have suffered abuse in all its forms: psychological, verbal, physical, sexual, and spiritual abuse. We are a collective community, whose purpose is to help educate and support those wishing to heal from the damage done. We are not attorneys, nor are we licensed psychologists. We encourage collaboration with other websites similiar in nature.

We foster a respectful climate and a compassionate atmosphere for personal development to a diverse population of targets and survivors of abuse. We value each visitor's experiences and honor the path they have traveled in order to find us. We honor and encourage respect for all philosophies, religions, and choices made to either work things out or to part ways with the abuser. Our priorities are safety, self awareness, and education.
Please keep yourself safe on the internet. If you share a computer we advise you to always delete your cookies, history and temporary files.
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